Friday, February 3, 2012

EVG repost: Foreigner affairs

This weekend, Film Anthology Archives is screening a handful of works by Amos Poe, including "The Foreigner." Which reminded me of this post from October 2009.

I recently had an event in my life — the kind in which people may give you birthday presents. [Pause for applause] A family member with the best of intentions asked me for a few suggestions — a book, DVD, CD. That kind of thing. So I came up with a short list. On that list: Amos Poe's "The Foreigner," complete with some great shots of the EV via 1978. (Alex recently wrote about this film...) And on this glorious day, I opened the package. And....

Well, it's no "Half Past Dead" — but what is?

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theres a really gangsta scene in this one where seagal fucks a guy up real bad with that shotgun at close range