Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oh, it's pretty nice up there

I walk by 211 E. 3rd St. just east of Avenue B all the time... never had any idea just how nice it is up there...

Like private-jacuzzi-on-the-rooftop nice.

Learned this upon seeing a listing for the "sprawling duplex penthouse apartment."

Per Corcoran:

The internal living space is arranged as two double master bedrooms with ensuite baths, plus two additional bedrooms and full baths. A circular staircase leads to a generously proportioned living/dining area. The apartment features two big screen televisions, a gas fireplace, washer/dryer, dishwasher, outdoor grill, and outdoor Jacuzzi.

Price: $12,000 a month.

How does this stack up to other nice apartments? It's just $1,500 less than renting a home with a private rooftop pool and "lawn" on East Second Street.


Not Amanda Bynes said...

sup slammies. i can throw a lot of bongs out those windows. kidding yo. wasn't me. but I'd set the jakuzi on fire. so long as the nypd don't slap my puss. just waxed and vagazeled. #livindalowercaselife #iknowallyouwizzlesbyyourchristiannames #ohsnaptimeforbed

pinhead said...

I was already packed to move in. Thanks for nothing, Powerball.

Hey19 said...

my old apt looks right into this place, and I could tell it was pretty nice, with the terrace etc, but I had no idea it was this nice. I dont know what the situation has been in the past few years, but it seemed to be very rarely inhabited. I assumed it was some very rich family's pied a terre.

rob said...

Alarming. Merging tenement apts shifts from the young single/student demographic to way-upscale couples and families. Along with the single-family tenement mansion trend, the neighborhood is about to change unrecognizably yet again. Maybe they'll invest in "authenticity."

bow boy said...

Once all these rich folks have finished filling up the EV, and the ground floor bars and streets become even more of a mess, who will win? Rich people aren't going to pay multi $K per month and have to fight through loud drunks, vomit and fecal matter to get to their doors. Bloomberg's density plan is headed for continual crashes, and it all will play out at the local community board meetings - I kinda feel bad for those members, but just kinda.

I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Alive said...

bow boy you ignorant fool. It's all going to work out fine if the city can just keep the cost of labor rising:

“The question is: Will the next mayor continue to hold the line or capitulate,” Bloomberg said. “The reality is we may be a long way from Detroit, but we are only a short distance from relapsing into decline if we allow healthcare and pension benefits to crowd out the investments that make New York City a place where people want to live, work, study and visit.”

So let's keep those wages low, folks. There's plenty to go around if we don't toss it out to the riffraff.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bloomberg is such a douche. More money for me and my bros, but not for those pesky city workers- how dare they expect things like benefits! and those low wage regular folks- they're the problem! expecting a raise in minimum wage just because NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the country. That's why I spend all my time in Bermuda- to get away from those little bloodsuckers.
Fuck Bloomberg- he is a small minded little troll. What he is spreading is a rumor started by the wealthy and it is patently false. We (and Detroit) will have enough if we set our priorities straight and stop giving developers, big corporations and the top 10% huge tax breaks when they don't need any extra help.
We managed to take care of our workers for decades and had a healthy middle class until these greedy dicks grabbed onto power and started poisoning our minds with silly rhetoric that is not remotely true. Don't believe the hype people.