Monday, May 11, 2015

There goes the Mecca of Hair

Workers have gutted the former Lugo Hair Center at 209 First Ave. between East 12th Street and East 13th Street…

Not sure exactly when they closed (with that cinderblock storefront, they never looked all that open).

But the place had fans. The Village Voice named them "Best Place to Get Hair Extensions" in 2013, noting: "The East Village's Lugo's Hair Center, which specializes in extensions and wigs, provides beautiful … manes made specifically for you. The process is long and taxing, but well worth it (they don't call themselves the 'mecca of hair' for nothing)."

The business, which apparently opened in 1976, still has a Brooklyn outpost.


Anonymous said...

walked by this place a million times and always wondered what was up, now I and other non-weave wanting people know.

Unknown said...

They moved to 33rd st between 3rd and Lexington ave

Anonymous said...

I live on this block and have never seen the door open for the last ten years... This place creeped me out... Looks like a funeral home

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Where are u located now..I've been looking for you guys