Thursday, January 7, 2016

Medical marijuana now for sale on East 14th Street

Columbia Care, one of NYC's first medicinal marijuana dispensaries, opens today at 212 E. 14th St., just east of Third Avenue.

As previously noted, the medical conditions approved for marijuana prescriptions are limited to cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, among several others. In addition, the NYC dispensaries will only sell 30-day supplies of marijuana in the form of oils, pills or tinctures.

CNBC toured the facility... per their report:

The dispensary's exterior is intentionally discreet, lacking marijuana plant designs so commonly seen around the country. There are five security cameras out front, and patients will be buzzed in after showing medicinal program cards. Once inside, customers are invited back to the pharmacy area. The interior space is modern and warm, not sterile like a doctor's office.

But key larger questions remain including how many medical practitioners will participate in the program, and recommend medicinal marijuana to patients.

Also, health insurance does not cover medical marijuana so patients will have to pay out of pocket. Columbia Care will run a separate program for low-income patients. The company has submitted its consumer-facing price proposals to the state for approval.

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nygrump said...

really, you should be able to buy this at walgreens or cvs or any other pharmacy. This is real medicine. anyone who says otherwise is willfully ignorant, or colloquially, fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

I have one of the qualifying health issues and have spent the last couple of weeks frustratingly trying to figure out what doctors are registered to prescribe, to no avail. NY state has not published a list and none of my current doctors have registered or plan to register (no malpractice insurance available for medical marijuana related claims).

It seems to me that all of this is a political measure to allow our governor to say he's progressive without actually providing medical cannabis to the people.

Anonymous said...

I also have a qualifying health issue, I emailed my Dr. this AM to a response that they have someone in the facility that has been assigned to it and will let me know IF/when they will be able to provide. I also find it interesting that Goldman Sachs is involved .... of course this will not be available to anyone anytime soon as there are not enough Dr's to help facilitate. I think this was poorly planned out - if they really wanted to "help" those in need they would have resolved to hiring their own Dr's who would then recommend to the Dr's that the patient sees after review of their charts. Of course political ploy par the norm

Anonymous said...

Rather go to first and nine and score some green

Anonymous said...

I am a gay man with HIV. I definitely qualify, but my doctor also doesn't know shit about how the process works. It makes this store seen redundant and silly.