Sunday, October 15, 2017

A short-lived sidewalk-bridge-free section of Avenue C

[Photo from Oct. 6]

In a links roundup on Oct. 7, I posted the above photo noting that workers removed the remaining sidewalk bridge and scaffolding on the west side of Avenue C between Seventh Street and Sixth Street ... in front of the NYCHA-owned buildings.

Per an EVG reader: "I've been living on C for 6 years now and can't remember a day when it wasn't a fixture of the buildings along that stretch of sidewalk."

Anyway, the sidewalk freedom was short-lived... another sidewalk bridge returned this past week...

The DOB webiste doesn't offer much about what's exactly happening with the address (99-103 Avenue C), other than "INSTALLATION OF TEMPORARY SIDEWALK SHED AS PER PLANS."

On the Sixth Street side, the temporary boilers that arrived after Sandy will be celebrating their 5-year anniversary on Oct. 29.

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Anonymous said...

uuugggghhh. There's been articles about the rampant shed scamming in this city. It needs to stop. It's a disgrace that this is a NYCHA building. And private building owners need to be fined to the skies if they leave these things up longer than a few months.