Wednesday, June 2, 2021

'It's ok to cry'

Here's the new mural for June outside the F stop on Second Avenue at Houston. 

HUGO GYRL created this in honor of Sophie Xeon, the Grammy-nominated experimental pop artist, producer and trans-rights activist who died in a fall at age 34 in January

Per @hugogyrl's post on Instagram:
Happy pride Sophie; wish you were here to make your futuristic, post-Queer, post-body, post-music, music for us. Your work really touched me and it fucked me up when you died — I was always so excited to hear whatever you put out in the world.
While I was painting this, so many people stopped and expressed how much you meant to them. I'm not so great at portraits, but tons of people recognized you. Anyway, thanks for helping us envision a future, if that makes sense? You were/are a true creative icon, and a Queer and Trans Legend.
Photo by @hugogyrl

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Anonymous said...

I think she styled her name as SOPHIE