Friday, February 3, 2023

An update on Ray

P.S. Ray's 90th birthday crowdfunding campaign continues here.


Many people have been asking about Ray after the assault outside Ray's Candy Store, 113 Avenue A, early Tuesday morning. 

As previously reported, a man allegedly swung a belt with a rock attached to it, striking Ray in the left side of the face and knocking the 90-year-old store owner to the ground, causing a black eye and gash on his temple. 

Ray initially declined to seek any medical treatment in the aftermath, though he was in much discomfort. 

Last night, a nurse finally convinced Ray to go to Beth Israel. 

Today, Stella, Ray's longtime friend and co-worker, told EVG regular Lola Sáenz that a CT scan revealed three broken bones in his face and a dislocated jaw. The doctor put Ray on antibiotics and told him to go rest. We're told that he still can't chew, so he's on a liquid for now. 

The NYPD released a photo from surveillance footage of the alleged suspect (photo at this post).

Photo of NBC New York's coverage by Peter Brownscombe


Anonymous said...

Thank God for the nurse finally convincing Ray to seek medical attention. Speedy recovery Ray! All our prayers and love go out to you!

Anonymous said...

Real simple folks:

Three cops walking the beat on each side of Avenue A, B, C & D from Houston Street to 14th Street 24-7-365/366.

If that was implemented violent street crime ends in Alphabet City.

Anonymous said...

When are they going to nail this person?there’s clear photos of him. C’mon 9th precinct, if you drop the ball on this the neighborhood will never forgive you

John Penley said...

NYPD 9th Precinct
Brownies…anyone ?
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John R Penley
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How about you stop posting party posts and arrest the perp who assaulted Ray Alvarez ! Have you or any of the neighborhood politicians which all get your tweets even been over to his store to talk and offer support to Ray ?????
1:26 pm · 3 Feb 2023
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Anonymous said...

If Ray wasn't a neighborhood icon the assault would not have gotten this level of coverage and thank goodness it did, noting that walking the streets can be dangerous especially for the vulnerable and elderly.

Unknown said...

Praying for Ray! 'WE LOVE YOU!'

Mark said...

It is a relief to know he accessed medical care and treatment upon the advice of that nurse.

I am just stunned this happened to Ray. I cannot imagine the pain and trauma he is feeling, especially at ninety years of age. What a strong and brave man. I hope he is taking doctor's orders and resting at home.

Those dirty scumbags must be caught and served justice.

John Penley said...

People who are friends of Ray Alvarez should tell the 9 Pct. CO to get his butt out of the Station House , stop the brownie parties and retirement celebrations and bust the man who assaulted Ray. He should be told that the neighborhood demands that he personally get out on the street NOW !!