Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thursday's parting shot

Photo by Peter Brownscombe 

A scene from today outside Ray's Candy Store at 113 Avenue A as the news spread that the 90-year-old Ray and his employee Gabe were assaulted early Tuesday morning outside the shop. (Story here.) 

As previously reported, a man struck Ray with what has been described as a belt with a rock attached to it… causing a black eye and gash on Ray’s temple. The force of the blow knocked Ray to the ground. The man reportedly threatened to kill Ray, per the police report. All this apparently happened because Ray turned down an offer to buy seltzer water from the man and his accomplice. 

Police released a surveillance image of the suspect (also here). Most local news outlets picked up the story, including Telemundo, as seen above. 

There has been a movement to get Ray to a doctor — or at least bring one to him. He doesn’t want to stop working, though, like he has been doing here since 1974.


Trixie said...

Saw it on CBS local news this morning. Speedy Recovery Ray and Gabe!

Anonymous said...

I heard on the news that a nurse came by and was able to convince Ray to go to the hospital - it's important to have yourself checked out after a face/head injury. Hope he's okay and thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

I'm glad he went to the hospital finally. It would be a terrible tragedy if he died or were incapacitated from an internal injury from the attack.