Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thinking the same thing: NYU dorm!

Funny, how we all had the same thought a few weeks back when we noticed the bodega on the southeast corner of 14th Street and 3rd Avenue and adjoining businesses were vacated. (The bodega just moved around the corner.) Given the proximity of still-kinda-new NYU dorms...well, we'll let Scoopy take over at The Villager in his column this week:

The corner screams out, “Development site!” and more specifically, “Another N.Y.U. dorm!” After all, the location is right in the middle of N.Y.U.’s E. 14th St. dormitory nexus. But Kelly Franklin, an N.Y.U. spokesperson, told us, “We have not been looking at this site nor has anyone approached us about it.”

I would like to add: YET.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Sophie’s can continue sans 'mixologists' or beer sommeliers"

This week's New York magazine has a short piece on Sophie's staying the same, titled "Dive Alive: How did Sophie's survive?"...Nothing new in the story, but it's always nice to see how much the bar means to people. (One note: The article didn't mention Mona's.)
[Photo by Jeremiah Moss]

Monday, February 11, 2008

Updated: Scaffolding collapse at St. Brigid's

The high winds we had here last night helped bring down the scaffolding in front of St. Brigid's on Avenue B. At 6:45 a.m., cops had things blocked off from 8th Street to 7th Street. And several news crews were on hand preparing to go live with a report. (Putting a reporter in front of fallen scaffolding makes for riveting local news!) No injuries were reported.

In any event, this will only help the Archdiocese of New York try to sell the idea that the church needs to be razed. For an NYU dorm, we're sure. Or some fancy high-rise condos.

Bob Arihood's excellent Neither More or Less has many more photos (like the one he took above). While you're at his site, look around at this amazing photography and narrative of the neighborhood.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saving St. Brigid's

To be honest, plenty of things need saving in the East Village -- St. Brigid's chief among them. There's a "keep the flame alive" party tonight at Solas. Find the info at the Save St. Brigid's Web site. (Plus, you may see Matt Dillon there...uh, at Solas, not the Web site.)

"Phew!" is right

Folks in the media are confirming that Sophie's/Mona's are staying in the family. What we were yammering away about.

Patrick Hedlund, who did the fine feature on the bars a few weeks back in The Villager, has this item in his latest Mixed Use column:

East Villagers mourning the loss of pair of classic neighborhood dives won’t have to give up those well-worn barstools just yet.
Mixed Use has learned that Alphabet City fixtures Sophie’s and Mona’s will remain operating as is, after brothers Bob and Rich Corton struck a deal for the saloons to stay in the family.
Bob confirmed that Rich would be taking over operations at Sophie’s, at 507 E. Fifth St. near Avenue A, and that Rich would continue running Mona’s, at 224 Avenue B near 14th St. Bob had put both bars up for sale in December.
“It’s a done deal,” said Bob, who had to leave the business for health reasons.

Also, New York magazine's Grub Street feature had the news this past week under the we-totally-relate headline: "Phew! Mona's and Sophie's Are in Good Hands."