Friday, May 8, 2009

The fellow who was terrorized by old people during the Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival ended Sunday...

Anyway, I was sitting at the Grassroots the other day. And this young fellow started talking to his drinking partner about how much he hated the Tribeca Film Festival. Specifically because he lived on Third Avenue near the Loews Village VII where some of the films were showing. He complained about sidewalk congestion. People screaming for cabs at night. Idiots paying no mind to their surroundings while texting/talking. Couples arguing about whether his/her spouse remembered to bring the tickets. That kind of thing.


The perceptive drinking partner asked how this was different from any other Thursday/weekend night.

"These people were old."

Possibly unrelated! As Daily Intel reported, "500 New York Police Department barricades were used throughout the Festival."

Did anyone else hear any TFF horror stories?


prodigal son said...

I'm finding I can't stand crowds easily anymore but I thought that was me getting old, not the people in the crowds.

Anonymous said...

i have no horror stories re: tribeca film festival. however, i will say that a good number of TFF participants stopped by mars bar during the week. most all were super nice and interesting to talk to, tipped decently and were a nice addition to the atmosphere. well, except for that one douche that kept bringing his drink outside to smoke but there's always one too drunk guy in the bunch.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm with you Prodigal. I hate lines/crowds. But mostly just the people.

Good to know, Anon, that the TFF participants were a good bunch (almost...)

I didn't witness any foul behavior... Can't imagine the TFF crowd could have created more of a ruckus than a post Webster Hall-show bunch mixing in with the Village Pourhouse regulars, etc. on the way home.

esquared™ said...

Yeah, leave the texting/calling on their cell phones to the younglings.

No horror stories, but the evening I went to TFF, the audience weren't really there to see/for the films, but there just to be seen, instead. Oh wait, that's pretty much like being at the museums, theater, Lincoln Center, etc.

Ok, that concludes my spam comments for the day.