Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random new bench randomly arrives on East Houston and the Bowery

[Bobby Williams]

Swear that this wasn't here on Tuesday... anyway! Perfect for sitting and watching diners on the DBGB sidewalk cafe ... or taking in the ongoing Bowery/East Houston Street reconstruction project. Not sure which one is more fun!


shmnyc said...

I can't tell you how many times I've walked by that corner and wished for a place to sit down!

Anonymous said...

Dang! I could have told you that! It's been there for at least a week! My tipster-ing skills need refining.

I literally sat on that bench to watch the light turn in my favor on one of those sweltering days recently.

Kinda felt silly but Hey!, I was tired and yippee, there was a seat!

Meanwhile, YES!!!! Thank you for the much-needed DBGB seating update! (commenting on that seating has been a running joke for me to do the last couple of years, love it!)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think its strange that your back is to the traffic? A little unsettling to sit there when a big truck passes inches from the curb.

EV Grieve said...

@ anon 9:22

ARE YOU SURE? Damn. How did I miss this? I walked right by here Tuesday! Maybe they take it in at night?

Lots of questions! (Right?)

@ kfbeau


Anonymous said...

Anyone know where this came from? An identical one showed up on 23rd between 5-6 a couple of weeks ago. ... Maybe it's the same one & it sneaks around at night?

Gojira said...

They're also up in East Harlem, where I work, and it's the same story - back to the traffic. More of them, less bikes, I say.

Anonymous said...

More benches, more bikes, wider sidewalks, please.

Anonymous said...

It looks like one of those "You had one job" things. Like they installed it backwards.