Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Schmackary's bringing cookies to Cooper Square

Signage arrived Monday for Schmackary's, a bakery offering 40-plus varieties of cookies, at 35 Cooper Square between Fifth Street and Sixth Street... next door to Meet Fresh, the Taiwanese dessert and tea chain here in the base of the dorm for Marymount Manhattan College students.

This is the second NYC outpost for the brand (the other is at 45th Street at Ninth Avenue). Signage points to a summer debut here.

The last tenant here, Pourt, the cafe-work space combo, closed after 11 months in December 2017.

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Peachy McPeachface said...

Oh God, another millennial purveyor of poncy bikkies. Will no baker give us plain decent loaves of white bread, or even just nice rolls like the original old Ninth Street Bakery used to have?

Anonymous said...

I don’t see this location lasting longer than their minimal lease. The tourists and bar-goers walking up Bowery from the hotels and museums and the Standard are not the Times Square crowd. The Asian students at Meet Fresh next door will already have had their sweets and are not looking for additional treats.

I’m disappointed to have this around the corner from me but look forward to H Mart opening further up the avenue.

Anonymous said...

just to be clear, you're complaining about cookies.

Giovanni said...

I just hope that the people who own Schmackary's don't feel like a bunch of Schmucks a year from now for signing a lease so close to The Bowery, where all dreams go to die.

Anonymous said...

No one is too cool for cookies! c'mon now.

Anonymous said...

@5:15 ha!