Wednesday, August 5, 2020

91 3rd Ave. is for rent

For lease signs recently arrived at 91 Third Ave., the large storefront on the northeast corner of 12th Street.

Per the Newmark Knight Frank listing: "3,500sf on ground floor and an additional 1,800 sf in basement. Vented food uses accepted. Expansive corner space in the East Village surrounded by restaurants, bars, cosmetic and service tenants. Bustling neighborhood, steps from Union Square."

Rental rate available by request!

As previously reported, housewares shop Basics Plus was set to close in this storefront in the spring of spring 2019. However, the housewares shop that opened here in August 2014 ended up consolidating the space, and making do with a smaller footprint in the building.

Surprise! Surprise! was the previous housewares tenant, closing in April 2014 after 25 years in business.


Emily said...

I miss Surprise! Surprise! so much. Not a fan of Basics Plus. Really poorly run, and when I was desperate for supplies in March, there were signs saying their hours, and they were closed when I went. Then I saw that they closed up shop temporarily, and they finally put up a sign saying so. Their phone also was no help.

Older Historian said...

How about bring back Hudson's? It was the huge old Army-Navy type store that took up that entire space. We always got our 'blue jeans' there when i was a young one.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the broker-babble: "steps from Union Square" - yeah, only if you're drunk and can't count!

It'll be interesting to see what this becomes, given that it's a large space and a corner. Maybe ANOTHER Chinese restaurant (so the east side of 3rd Ave. between 12th & 13th won't feel left out). Or hey, a big honkin' BAR to permit NYU students living at the Third North dorm to get drunk *even* closer to their dorm rooms than ever before.

I still miss Surprise, Surprise, and wish it had not been driven out.

Anonymous said...

You know the rent is outrageous if they won't post it publicly.

Scuba Diva said...

@Older Historian Hudson's was amazing; I miss that store to this day.

jmhnyc said...

I miss surprise surprise too. The owners and staff were always so nice and o always found unexpected things.