Monday, December 28, 2020

3 for-rent signs along a once popular stretch of 7th Street

A rather sad state here on Seventh Street just east of First Avenue ... where for rent signs (now all via the same broker) hang in three consecutive storefronts that previously housed bustling quick-serve restaurants.

Most recently, Caracas Arepa Bar closed in early November at 91 E. Seventh St. The original location at at 93 1/2 E. Seventh St. suffered extensive fire damage in September 2016, and the owners were never able to reopen in the space, which has remained vacant

In the middle, the first outpost for Luke's Lobster's closed in October 2019.

Both Caracas Arepa Bar and Luke's carry on at other locations. These small spaces on Seventh Street seem ideal for other new businesses just starting out. 

As Luke's founders Luke Holden and Ben Conniff wrote in October 2019: "It's time for 93 E. 7th Street to help launch someone else's dream, and we can't wait to visit and support it."


Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is our new normal. It has been for quite some time even before the pandemic, which only accelerated the closure of more establishments. As a long time resident of this neighborhood, I've taken many walks for several months to other downtown hoods just to get out of my apartment and for some fresh air. It's the same sentiment. Numerous "for lease" signs in a stream of endless, empty storefronts. It truly breaks my heart for our city. Unless a rescue bill for restaurants is pushed forward and approved, I'd say 3/4 of independently owned restaurants, bars and cafes will be gone forever by spring or summer. I truly hope the senate turns blue on January 5th so we can rebound and rebuild from this monumental disaster. Otherwise, the craven and corrupt Moscow Mitch will block every measure geared towards struggling communities.

Sim City Mayor said...

It takes nothing away from the story, but the space at 91 E 7th was the original for Caracas (or at least it was when I learned about them back in 2004 or so). They expanded to 93 1/2 for just a year or two before the fire happened.

Anonymous said...

Bring back that nice steamy old "Harry's Burritos".
Hey, leave me alone! Old memories is all I gots.