Tuesday, September 19, 2023

B-Side will not reopen at 204 Avenue B

B-Side will not return to 204 Avenue B, which has been closed since a fire this past June 30.

As previously reported, Sabina Brunetti, the co-owner of B-Side, the bar in the building's retail space, said they were having a new air conditioner installed. A worker was using a torch for welding, and the insulation went up in flames. The fire marshal deemed the blaze accidental.

The fire badly damaged the bar and the apartments of the three tenants who lived on the upper floors, including the unit of the building's owner. The tenants (plus a dog) got out safely. The building here between 12th Street and 13th Street remains under a full vacate order.

In a series of messages on Instagram (and Facebook) last week, B-Side announced: 
"The ownership and managing party for the building have expressed that it's in their family's best interest to sever ties and by exercising a clause in our lease, thereby terminating it."

"Ownership of 204 Avenue B is well within their right, and we respect their decision. We'd like to take the opportunity to apologize to Sandy [the landlord who lived upstairs], her tenants, and our employees for the resulting displacement due to this fire."
The bar hopes to reopen in a new location in the future. In the interim, they will host parties and events at Revision Lounge and Gallery at 219 Avenue B.

B-Side had been closed for the first three months of 2023 for renovation. 


Anonymous said...

So if I'm reading this right, it's the building that's booting B-Side and not B-Side leaving? I can understand the building's frustration given that the situation could've been a whole lot worse, including fatalities.

Nevertheless, there's still the question of who was really at fault here. An unskilled worker or firm that employed them? B-Side's insulation installation? Some other work done inside B-Side?

Anonymous said...

There cannot be B Side anywhere else. If you miss B Side old crew, just go to Eastwood and their adjacent full licensed bar.

B-side said...

Thanks for your support anonymous, maybe we'll meet you at Eastwood with the rest of the “old crew”. We love Andrew, Sivan, Miles and Lou. Not to mention Alyany, she’s our favorite. We love the lamb burger there. Hope to have you for a beer at the next B-side, because there will definitely be another one somewhere else in the East Village. Take care!