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Monday, May 19, 2014

East 4th Street Citi Bike docking station now 'From a Different Perspective'

[Last Monday morning via Derek Berg]

Last Monday morning, workers temporarily removed the Citi Bike docking station on East Fourth Street just west of Second Avenue ... to make way for a street mural courtesy of DOT Art and the Fourth Arts Block (FAB).

The docking station returned this morning...

[Photo by Derek Berg]

And here is the final product with the bikes back in place...

[Photo of FAB's programs coordinator, Tyler S. Bugg, via FAB's Facebook page]

The mural, titled "From a Different Perspective," was created by Herb Smith and curated by FAB's Public Art Director, Keith Schweitzer.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Take a load out tomorrow

Via the EVG inbox...

Tomorrow (November 2, 2013) Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) will host its seventh Load OUT! — a twice yearly "riot" of repurposing and recycling activities. FABnyc will gather gently used materials from arts organizations and other donors throughout the East Village/Lower East Side for this one-of-a-kind extravaganza, taking place at 11 East 3rd Street from 12-3PM.

Load OUT! is specially designed to showcase creative thinking about sustainability and the arts. Artists and art students are welcome to take home any of the costumes, props, and furniture they need for their artistic endeavors, free of charge.

Community members and non-artists can also attend Load OUT! for a small entrance fee of $5 and may take away materials free of charge. Everything remaining will be repurposed or recycled responsibly by GrowNYC, Wearable Collections, The Lower East Side Ecology Center, Film Biz Recycling, and the NYC Department of Sanitation.

Additionally, Load OUT! includes clothing, textile, and e-waste community collections — open and free for everyone 12-3PM. FABnyc will collect e-waste, and GrowNYC
will collect clothing and textiles. A list of accepted donations is available here.

Load OUT! will also feature "Latch/Attach," a growing hook-rug project that turns old t-shirts into yarn, producing a colorful, patchwork made from these up-cycled materials. This activity is designed to engage individuals of all ages in a shared conversation about consumption while creatively making art from recycled materials.

FREE admission for artists/art students
$5 admission for the general public
FREE drop off for e-waste & textile collection by GrowNYC & The Lower East Side Ecology Center
Location: 11 East 3rd Street, between Bowery & 2nd Avenue

Image via FABnyc

Friday, April 5, 2013

Get your Load OUT tomorrow on East 3rd Street

From the EV Grieve inbox... via Fourth Arts Block...

Load OUT!
A Reuse and Repurposing RIOT

Saturday, 12-3PM

19 East 3rd Street
Between Bowery and 2nd Avenue

FREE E-Waste & Clothing/Textile Collection:
By Lower East Side Ecology Center and GrowNYC / Wearable Collections, April 6th, 12-3PM.

Admission to Load OUT!:
FREE admission for artists and art students
$5 for the general public

At Load OUT!, enjoy an afternoon of repurposing and recycling activities that showcase creative thinking about sustainability and the arts!

GET: Attendees are invited to take home all the donated costumes, props, and furniture they find. Artists are invited to participate for free. The general public will be charged a $5 entrance fee to participate. Whatever you decide to take away with you is FREE of charge.

GIVE: Load Out! also features clothing, textile and e-waste community collections — all open and free for everyone. A full list of accepted donations and other art-related activities is available below. Call 212-228-4670 ASAP to schedule an early donation.

For more details here.

Find articles about this year's event at DNAinfo and Gothamist.


Artist Amanda Browder will be working with FABnyc for the next few months to create a new piece that will cover a building on East 4th Street. DONATE FABRIC during Load OUT! for Amanda's project. Here are some suggested fabrics that you can donate for the project:

*Cotton, stiff fabrics that are not stretchy (flannel, wool, polyester, etc.)
*Colorful or striking patterns
*Bigger sections than a 1ft square — small scraps are always welcome, but the big stuff is useful.

[Image via Fourth Arts Block]