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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stereotypes wanted for R-Pattz film (Any "Rock N Roll East Village types" out there?)

According to an R-Pattz fanboy site:

Summit Entertainment is casting New York City extras for the Robert Pattinson film, Remember Me!

Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking local SAG New York City people for "Remember Me" extras to work through mid - August 2009:

* Hipsters, Rock N Roll East Village types;
* NYU student types;
* Washington Square Park Types (musicians, dealers, Rastas, artists, etc..);
* nanny types;
* real clowns with own make-up and props.

Oh. And if you are interested, which is fine:

Email a recent picture and contact information to:
(Please e-mail a current headshot or snapshot of yourself and contact info and write the role you are submitting for in the subject line).

If submitting for the NYPD roles, please email a current headshot or snapshot of yourself and contact info to ASAP and write “SAG NYPD w/ Light Blue shirt” in the subject line.

SAG advises its members that it is a misdemeanor to own or wear an NYPD uniform if you are not a member of the NYPD. Members who are not also members of the NYPD could be arrested if they are found transporting a police uniform.

Meanwhile, your chance to be in motion picture history: SATC part duh (Esquared)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

R-Pattz films a scene at the Pearl Diner

Just a little bit ago...

Later, a group of teens were excited to photograph the QM-11 to Forest Hills.

OK, OK...R-Pattz was headed back to his town car.

Pearl Street Diner closed, but just for today because of R-Pattz

I really hate going up to my favorite places and seeing a sign tacked to the door. I always fear the worst. Like when I went up to the Pearl Street Diner in the Financial District yesterday for lunch.

OK, I can live with this for one day. And filming for the new R-Pattz film "Remember Me" takes place here today. Remember to leave your screaming teens at home.

[Top Pearl Street Diner photo via]

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

R-Pattz filming on Seventh Street TOMORROW

Yes, this is none other than the Robert Pattinson film "Remember Me." Given his devoted teen following, should be a good day for the FroYo and cupcake shops nearby. [Update: Spotted this sign between First Avenue and Second Avenue, and figure that's where the action will bee...]

Previously on EV Grieve:
273 Mott St. in danger of collapsing; Robert Pattinson fans don't seem to notice

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evening recap: The possibility of a building collapse, unhappy Robert Pattinson groupies

Here's the story on the drama from last evening on Mott Street.

BoweryBoogie has coverage too.

But is R-Pattz OK??????????

Yes! He's OK, as, uh, OK! reports:

On an intersection in downtown Manhattan, the ever-present hordes of teenage fans are mingling with firefighters and the film crew — all less than 100 feet from a building that is dangerously close to falling down!

But while R-Pattz and co. bravely soldier on amid the flashing lights of the emergency services, on-set sources admit the melee is a nightmare for the crew.

"It's causing a hold-up for the shoot. We can't get anything in or out of here," said one gaffer-tape wielding worker.

Onlookers tell OK! that R-Pattz himself is taking the most recent near-disaster to strike his movie, following last week's near-miss with a taxi cab, in stride.

"Robert is concentrating on his scene," said one observant fan. "But most of the crew are staring nervously at the crack in the building and talking about whether it will fall down or not."

But if, heaven forbid, the building were to fall down, the top would land a couple of feet from Rob's dressing room trailer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

273 Mott St. in danger of collapsing; Robert Pattinson fans don't seem to notice

Update: As Channel 7 is reporting, city inspectors allowed residents to return to their homes around 9 p.m. Any damage to Robert Pattinson's hair is not yet known.

Two things are happening now on Mott Street between Houston and Prince.

1) 273 and 275 Mott St. have been evacuated, including the restuarant on the ground floor -- Sakura Sushi & Thai Cuisine.
2) Robert Pattinson is inside St. Patrick's Old Cathedral prepping to film a scene for "Remember Me."

Firefighters were called to Nolita/Little Italy just after 5:30 p.m. City officials evacuated the residents of the five-story building "fearing a giant bottom-to-top crack in its facade could be a prelude to disaster." (City inspectors were also called to the scene yesterday.)

You can see the crack in the building...

...and it seemed to get worse as we were standing there.

Sakura sat empty....

The building is to the north of the Cathedral grounds.

Members of the film crew were standing around. Someone said, "Here comes Channel 7." A crew member muttered, "Fuckin' great." The reporter, Jen Maxfield, asked several people for an interview. Everyone politely declined. No real sense of urgency here. Someone remarked, "This is what happens when it rains for 30 straight days." One woman asked what was happening. We were all standing looking up at the crack in the building. And someone responded, seriously: "Robert Pattinson is filming a movie!"

Meanwhile, a little bit down the street, the prep work continued on "Remember Me." A carnival scene or something. No one seem to be all that concerned that the building may collapse. "There goes a night of shooting," one crew member said of the holdup with those pesky firefighters, ConEd supervisors and city engineers. Several oblivious members of the paparazzi finally gave up their Pattinson vigil and snapped some shots of the building. One photographer said he thinks all old buildings should be torn down and replaced. The person he said this to told him to fuck off.

Most people thought the firefighters were there as part of the movie. (In case the Texas Taters' blow?) I asked a young woman if she knew what was happening. "Yes, he's inside the church."

And nevermind that many people may be homeless now. Or there's another building collapse in NYC. Oh! Lauren Hutton walked by with some shopping bags. One of the crew members shouted, "Hi Lauren!" She passed. "Damn, she still looks good." She does.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


"Rob Pattinson ... was hit by a taxi cab on Thursday while running away from hysterical fans. witnessed the Twilight star get clipped by a cab around noon in front of the Strand Bookstore on Broadway and 12th Street."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Double noted

"Robert Pattinson's new movie, which is tentatively titled Remember Me, began filming in New York City this afternoon. As an exasperated crew member was overheard complaining, 'They might as well call it Paparazzi and 'Tweens, 'cause there's more of us than them!' It was a fair statement considering how the crowd had swelled substantially (a rough estimate of 200) outside of NYU's Silver Center of Arts & Science, after fans had texted and called their friends to get to downtown Manhattan." (Entertainment Weekly)

"I came all the way from Las Vegas for this!" said 26-year-old Patricia Galas. "I've been here since Friday and I leave tomorrow. I like his hair and his music. I really just want to ask him when he's playing next so I can see him live. I've read all the books." (OK! magazine)

[Diane Cohn/Fame Pictures]

Saturday, June 13, 2009

James Franco vs. Robert Pattinson

Important casting news from ABC News:

James Franco and Robert Pattinson are neck-and-neck for the honor of playing musician Jeff Buckley in a biopic.

Buckley, who lived in the East Village, died in a drowning accident in Memphis on May 29, 1997.

And ABC's pick?

"My vote's on James Franco. Pattinson may be the hot young thang, but Franco can handle the tough roles and has Hollywood staying power. Plus, there's that eerily similar facial structure."

Anyway, according to another report: Jeff Buckley's mom, Mary Guibert, will help oversee the project and says the actor playing her son must sing and play the guitar himself. She claims, "Whoever gets the part will need a lot of self-discipline because they won't be able to fake it. It's going to take a phenomenal set of skills."