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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reader report: Flying bullets last night on 13th Street and Avenue B

We received several reports from readers — via email and Twitter — of gunfire last night near 13th Street and Avenue B. A reader shares this report:

At 9 p.m. or so, 6 shots were fired somewhere around 13th and B. I was on a roof in the area. We walked to the edge and didn't see anything. And no one running around. So I sat back down. Two minutes later, 6 more shots are fired. One bullet flew over my head within I would say 10 feet of me. Unmistakable sound of a bullet whizzing past my head. We bolted back into the apartment. Called 911. There were a lot of reports of shootings. The cops came and said they had no information. Seemed frustrated that we didn't see anything. Based on how close the bullet came to us and the fact we were on the 9th floor of a building I am not sure it was a street-level shooting. Very scary.

Anyone else have any further information?