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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kiehl's knows plywood

Our very own Kiehl's is expanding, opening a store on Lexington and 64th Street. You can read more about it at Racked.

Meanwhile, I recently walked into the flagship Kiehl's on Third Avenue and 13th Street... and I thought I had entered, say, Barneys.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At Manhattan's first Water Taxi Beach

If I'm getting dragged down to the vicinity of the South Street Seaport, I'm at least going to make us take a look-see at Manhattan's first Water Taxi Beach. Which opened this past weekend behind Pier 17, where the suburbs meet Manhattan.

First things. You will really want/need a drink.

I went to look for a beer in the tent.

There is food. Burgers. Hots dogs. Fish tacos. Etc. And there's soda. Including root beer on draft. The beer?

On the boat/yacht. Which seems to be lurching a bit in the wake. Or maybe I'm just lurching.

They have three kinds of bottled beer for sale now: Old Speckled Hen, Harpoon IPA and Jever. Nothing more obscure, like Budweiser?

Hey! Watch out for the bridge! Hard right! Hard right!

Anyway, I ask the bartender if they will sell beer elsewhere on the Beach. Like under the tent. Absolutely! Give them a few weeks. They are just getting up and running. Speaking of running, where are the bathrooms? Oh, you have to go up to the second level inside Pier 17. They'll have bathrooms eventually, too.

During this late-afternoon hour, it's mostly families on the beach. And tourists. Tourist families? Kids are playing in the sand. Having fun. Being kids. A mother changes her son's diaper on the picnic table. I wish I was wearing a diaper so I didn't have to traipse up to the second level restrooms. It's not so bad. It's a chance to browse in the As Seen on TV store.

As for the activities, you can listen to your fellow picnic tablers talking on cell phones to friends and loved ones back home. "I am L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y looking at the Brooklyn Bridge..."

And there are activities for kids of all skee ball...


...putt-putting (just watch the water hazard!)...

...bridge watching...

...trying-to-be-abstract photo taking...

...taking pictures of people taking pictures...

Uh, miss? Yes, you squatting there. The restrooms are on the second...Oh, sorry.

...listening/dancing to the DJ.

But there is no fishing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A faded ad on 57th and Fifth

Speaking of ads, this past holiday season I found myself in Midtown...I'd never noticed this faded spot at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue for the Greenwich Savings Bank...

For a better look, I braved the crowd at Tiffany & Co. and headed to customer service on the sixth floor.

I like the private little phone stalls in customer service. Plenty of space to call your bookie.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

An appreciation: The P & G Cafe

Found myself on the Upper West Side late yesterday afternoon. So I stopped by the beloved P & G Cafe — the family-owned saloon that has graced the corner of 73rd and Amsterdam since 1942. Perfection. The front door was open. A small group of regulars were joking around with each other. The Yankees game was on. (Well, the Yankees are hardly perfection these days...)

Nothing new to report on the bar's fate. Latest rumor is still a Baby Gap. There has been talk of relocation. I didn't ask any questions. Was just there to enjoy it while I can. Like-minded fellows have also paid their respects in the past, including Jeremiah and Lost City.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And we're off! (on 350 W. Broadway)

Was in Soho the other day. So I took a peak to see how the soon-to-be-swank digs are doing at 350 W. Broadway. We have beams!

Meanwhile, check out the faboo penthouse: 2,902 square feet with 1,381 square feet exterior. Priced at $12.2 million. And the accompanying marketing copy?

“I’ll tell you why I need to live in Manhattan,” he trilled while thrusting his martini shaker into the air. “An Englishman must live on an island!”

“I’ll tell you why I need to live in a penthouse,” she replied with her
signature deadpan. “I’m only happy when I’m on top.”

“And the reason you live with me?” he asked while refilling her
glass. “You own the penthouse.”

Not sure if this is supposed to be funny. And on the street level...

Thursday, August 28, 2008