Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beyond Sushi is now open on East 14th Street

Oh, meant to note this earlier... Beyond Sushi is now open on East 14th Street ... at the site of the former Royal Wigs.

The executive chef here is Guy Vaknin, once a finalist on shouty food show "Hell's Kitchen."

Diner's Journal gave it a nice write-up last Friday, noting "Except for the occasional egg, most of his bright, well-seasoned sushi is vegan. He uses a six-grain mixture or black rice as the base and fills the rolls with vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and tofu."

And here's a lousy photo of part of the menu... find more menu stuff on the restaurant website here.


LvV said...

I went there yesterday after picking up a menu earlier in the week. I'm a veg/health nut, so I was really excited to try the food. I had the Spicy Mang roll and the Nutty Buddy wrap and both were delicious, fresh and flavorful. Also, the prices are very reasonable esp. considering the quality and number of ingredients in each roll.

If you go, be prepared for a bit of a wait. Everything is freshly prepared and things are still getting up to speed. But the counter guy and sushi maker could not have been more gracious and friendly.

Like most of us, I was really saddened to see the Royal Wigs go. But on a stretch that now includes IHOP, 7-11, assy sports/bishops bars, and that defunct meatball whatever, this place seems like a happy, healthy little oasis, and I am glad it's there. Wish them the best of luck.

sorry for the novel :p

Anonymous said...

RIP Royal Wigs - Just like everything else!

Fipper said...

Maybe it's just me but somehow, the name 'Beyond Sushi' is not doing it for me...

Anonymous said...

Went there today and it was yummy. Definitely different than any other sushi place.