Thursday, July 26, 2012

[Updated] Nicoletta has expanded its delivery zone!

[via ‏@robbyohara]

A few weeks ago, as we learned via Eater, fancy Wisconsinish pizzeria Nicoletta announced that they were starting delivery service in the East Village:

And the delivery zone was: First Avenue to Third Avenue, and Ninth Street to 11th Street.

Now, as the above sign shows, they've expanded the zone to include East 12th Street and Eighth Street...

Soon, they may make it all the way down to Avenue A...

Updated: A few readers mentioned that the sign (photo above) is outdated ... or hasn't been updated ... According to the Nicoletta website, the delivery zone is: 6th to 12th streets from 4th Avenue to Avenue B.

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pinhead said...

Yes! Now I only have to walk two blocks to meet the delivery guy instead of three!