Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cooling centers

Someone emailed us, suggesting that we mention where people can find cooling centers in the neighborhood. So... To find the cooling center closest to you, call 311 or visit OEM's Cooling Center Locator here.

Here are locations that we found...

Tompkins Square Library
331 E. 10th St

Campos Plaza
611 E. 13th St.

John Paul II Friendship Center
103 E. 7th St.

Hamilton Fish Park Library
415 E. Houston St.

Meltzer Towers SC
94 E. 1st St

Ottendorfer Library
135 Second Ave.


BabyDave said...

That's a fine public service. Thank you so much on this scorcher.

Big Brother said...

I'd love to cool off at Campos Plaza but my clip is empty.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful AC at the Hamilton Fish Library

Anonymous said...

it's been overcast the whole day. was watching for lightning. this whole worrying about heat is just blog hype. where i'm from, we go 30 days with 100 degree temperatures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks..the library is a cool place (sorry) and reading and chilling is great!!

scott said...

All are welcome at TSB. You don't need to buy anything. If you're in a bad way and want to stop in just to cool off, no problem. We have the space.

Hot-cha-cha-cha-cha! said...

@Anonymous 3:57 PM: when hot weather is unusual rather than the norm, more people (usually older folks, but also athletes) succumb to heat stroke because they aren't familiar with proper precautions and symptoms. Kind of like drivers who aren't familiar with icy roads because they rarely encounter such conditions.