Monday, July 16, 2012

Countdown to City Council vote on NYU's expansion

As the Greenwich Village Society of Historic Preservation website notes... the City Council's Land Use Committee is expected to vote on NYU's proposed takeover expansion plan tomorrow.

Per GVSHP: "While the full City Council likely won’t vote until July 25, tomorrow’s vote IS KEY in determining what the entire City Council will do — and it is the City Council which ultimately decides whether or not the NYU plan is approved."

You can find their action plan on the GVSHP website here.

Meanwhile, last night, an array of noted authors and academics gathered at McNally Jackson Books on Prince Street to discuss NYU ... and read from the new book "While We Were Sleeping: NYU and the Destruction of New York" by the NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan...

EVG contributor Joann Jovinelly was there ... and she shared a few photos...

Fran Lebowitz

Arthur Nersesian

Kevin Baker

Sarah Schulman

Per Joann: "The book belongs on every New Yorker's shelf right alongside E.B. White's 'Here Is New York' and Colson Whitehead's 'The Colossus of New York.'"

It's a print-on-demand edition put out by McNally Jackson. The book is $10 with proceeds going to fund the fight against the plan.

Lebowitz doesn't have anything in the book, but she was there for support. "I don't normally come out for such events, but it's rare that I ever get to be in a room where everyone agrees with me."

Check out Occupy East 4th Street for more on last night.

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VH McKenzie said...

♥ Fran Lebowitz.

Shawn Chittle said...

♥ Fran Lebowitz, too!

Resident Angel said...

I love Fran Lebowitz, too. There's more coverage of her and the others at the reading:

Jeremiah Moss said...

yay Fran! i wish she was my crazy, brilliant auntie.

DrBOP said...

I think that SOMEBODY should bankroll Ms. Lebowitz in the next NYC mayoral race. She probably wouldn't have a hope in hell of winning, but if I'm not mistaken, the term "winning" can have MANY definitions these days.
And just think about the press conferences or the debates = BEST show in town!

glamma said...

I also absolutely adore Fran Lebowitz.
How can we get her in office