Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jim Power and his Mosaic Trail [Video]

Jim Power is the subject of a brand-new video over at The Etsy Blog... I particularly like the archival footage of Jim...


Goggla said...

Cool. Congrats, Mosaic Man!

bacondevil said...

Awesome! Good find, he is one of the nicest guys in the city. He's a great contribution to the city.

Anonymous said...


dmbream said...

Thanks for posting.

gg said...

he is such a hero

once he sent me a winky face over twitter

oh man

LvV said...

I love Mr. Power and his darling pup companion Jesse Jane. I have a Mosaic Man belt buckle and whenever I wear it I feel like Stevie Nicks. *twirls around*

Unknown said...

The jewel of out community! Long live Jim!

MosaicManNYC said...

Thanks everyone!

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