Friday, July 13, 2012

Report: Cop arrested in 9th Precinct gun theft

The NYPD arrested a fellow cop last night on charges that he was breaking into lockers at the 9th Precinct on East Fifth Street and stealing guns that were sold on the street, the Post reports today.

Alleged gun-trafficking officer Nicholas Mina, 31, boosted four 9mm firearms from the seventh-floor locker room at the Ninth Precinct in the East Village, a law-enforcement source said yesterday.

Mina — a six-year veteran who worked midnight patrol tours — was assigned to guard the lockers as part of a 24-hour security detail created by department brass after the embarrassing thefts began in February.

The NYPD also arrested three civilians involved with the thefts, the Post notes.


[Image via New York Songlines]


Anonymous said...

are these guys really this dumb?

Dave on 7tg said...

Wait, are these 4 more thefts since he was assigned to guard the room, or did they actually assign the fox to guard the hen house?

glamma said...

stay classy, NYPD.

Fipper said...

Seriously?! You'd think they'd be smarter than to use Hello Kitty locks to secure weapons and firearms...

DrBOP said...

I fought the law, and the law.....won?....lost?.....turned on itself?

I'm confused.

(Yeah, yeah, no surprise there.)