Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Report: State turns off the gin taps at Gin Palace

Gin Palace got some buzzy press when it recently opened on the corner of Avenue A and East Sixth Street, particularly for its gin on taps, as featured above in the Post.

Last evening, Robert Simonson at Diner's Journal reported that the New York State Liquor Authority turned off those taps on Monday, citing them as illegal. An SLA spokesperson said that charges were not brought against Gin Palace.

Meanwhile, bar owner Ravi DeRossi believes what Gin Palace is doing is legal, and plans to fight the ruling at a July 20 hearing, according to Diner's Journal.

DeRossi thinks the SLA's action stems from a Prohibition-era law "that forbids a bar from taking alcohol from a bottle, pouring it into another and serving it." Apparently the SLA amended that law to allow for the use of frozen margaritas machines.

Anyway, Gin Palace is still open serving drinks not coming from a gin-and-tonic tap.



Anonymous said...

For cryin out loud just mix the damn drink to order, it's three fucking ingredients. Quit being so friggin precious. Do they expect anyone to really believe that people are ordering these things at such a clip that the staff cannot possibly keep up. Typical circa 2012 NYC assholery in full effect here. If there's one current trend even more obnoxious than the scourge known as "foodies" it is this kind of wannabe upperclass ultra snobby "artisanal" cocktail bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how serving premixed booze out of a giant tank is "precious", but I get your point.

Saw one of those 500 ft stretch limos pull up there the other day. bunch of over bronzed woo girls jumping out and making for the door.

This place gives whole new meaning to douche dive.

Kurt said...

What's the third ingredient in a Gin and Tonic?

Victoria said...

@Kurt I think lemon, or lime is the third "ingredient".

Anonymous said...

"Douche dive." Ha!