Thursday, July 5, 2012

[Updated] Sunburnt Cow closing for renovations; going gourmet, bye-bye drunken brunch

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We just received a news release about "a restructuring of the Moo Life Group brand that will return the restaurant group to its original mission — to develop gourmet Australian concepts in the United States and abroad."

Basically Bondi Road has been sold and the Sunburnt Cow will undergo a major transformation.

Let's get right to it, per the release:

The sale of Bondi Road was precipitated by a dramatic increase in rent for the space located at 153 Rivington Street ... The Sunburnt Cow, the first restaurant concept developed by the Moo Life Group at 137 Avenue C (between 8th and 9th Streets) will not only undergo a physical transformation, but will also shift focus to more gourmet oriented food and drink as opposed to its current deal-driven status.

"We are very excited about these changes and what they mean to the future of the Moo Life Group," says founder and owner Heathe St. Clair. "I want to thank all of our loyal customers who have made Bondi Road and the Sunburnt Cow so successful throughout the years. It was not an easy decision, but although Bondi Road will be gone, we look forward to the reopening of the Sunburnt Cow and introducing a new approach to Australian dining in New York City."

No date set for the renovations ... or what will become of the Moo Mobile.

The Sunburnt Cow just reopened for seven-days-a-week service on June 1.

Updated July 6:

A Sunburnt Cow rep says that the "Endless Brunch" on weekends will continue in the new-look eatery.


Crazy Eddie said...

Can I hear a "Woo" and a "Like Yah"?


Will this area support a gourmet restaurant? When Pepe Rosso on C/8th closed we went to check out the restaurant that took it's place. We walked out when we saw $23 pasta dishes on the menu.

glamma said...

always a terrible crowd in there.

Anonymous said...

pepe rosso was disgusting. i'd rather eat a sammy at sunnys.

Anonymous said...

Pepe Rosso is now an "Italian" (in name only) joint, run by Albanians. That's the problem there, not that $23 entrees are out of whack in the new East Village.

In fact, the places that do well are on the higher end of the price spectrum *AND* serve truly good food - Edie and the Wolf, Hearth, MoMoFukyou, Pylos, etc...

The problem I have with the new concept here is the oxymoronic relationship between "Australian" and "Gourmet". Australian cuisine is one part redneck, one part Red Lobster, and five parts "can I sleep on your couch for a week?"

Of course, seeing sunburnt cow go to the glue factory..... well that's fucking priceless! Thank God!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm just happy that the drunken bro crowd wont have a place to call home on my block