Saturday, July 14, 2012

A warning


Anonymous said...

We saw her around 11:00 am outside Dry Dock pool - super deranged and screaming at the top of her lungs at everyone

Anonymous said...

Saw this woman too. Big 80's/90's goth hair, wearing all black. Heard this blood-curdling scream from down the block. In the span of about 30 seconds, as she traveled down Avenue C from 11th to 10th and then crossed C to continue on down D she:

1. let out a war cry at the corner of C and 11th,
2. stuck her head through the door of the laundromat down the block and gave them the same banshee treatment,
3. and then stuck her finger in to the face of an older Latino guy on the corner and let him know at the top of her lungs that he was "definitely a motherfucker."

Big Gay Ice Cream Man said...

Bath salts? Blargh.

randall said...

At least she wasn't eating people.