Monday, September 15, 2014

Your chance to lease the retail space in the new Cooper Square dorm

Signs are up now for the retail space in the ground-floor of the 13-floor building that will one day house students from Marymount Manhattan College.

Let's take a look at the RKF listing here at Cooper Square and East Sixth Street…

There isn't any mention of rent… though the listing does mention the "tremendous wraparound frontage" and "strong retail adjacencies including fashion, design and restaurant tenants."

The rendering shows — ding! ding! — a bank.

Not to mention a gorilla sticker (on the rendering at the site) …

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Dig bottoms out on Cooper Square; here comes the dorm, here comes the dorm!


Bowery Boogie said...

That gorilla sticker is artist Joseph Meloy (Vandal Expressionism)

Gojira said...

I miss Hisae's. And I am revolted by the inclusion of the gorilla sticker and everything the tools who will vibrate with excitement at this ad think it represents.

But seriously, what's with the ginger serial killer-type carrying the shopping bag by the red sportster? That dude is creepy.

Anonymous said...

Most urgently needed:

A pay-per-use self-cleaning vomitorium.

- East Villager

EV Grieve said...


Thanks for Joseph's name!