Monday, June 29, 2015

Despite Grand Opening banner, Capital Laundry & Dry Cleaners has closed on Avenue B

Been meaning to note that Capital Laundry & Dry Cleaners closed earlier this month at 44 Avenue B between East Third Street and East Fourth Street.

And, despite debuting last September, management decided to keep the Grand Opening (30 percent off on drop-off and pick-up service) banner up these past nine months.

Anyway, Quick Coin apparently won this round…

H/T EVG regular Salim!

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Anonymous said...

If anyone feels like letting us know what their favorite laundromat is--one that is convenient to Upper Avenue A, I would love to hear. I have been going to Spin City but I have had issues with machines not working right there lately and it being hard to get a machine because the employees use so many now. I want to try elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

@7:50am - Gentle wash on A between 6th and 7th is AMAZING. They are under new management and I've never had an issue. The people who work there are so kind and so quick. Highly recommend.

Marty E. said...

Of course these guys closed....they wouldn't even let you do your own laundry, and there's another laundromat that DOES, two doors up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks @6:05 for the recommendation!