Monday, June 29, 2015

Full exposure at 212 E. 14th St.

EVG East 14th Street/IHOP Way Correspondent Pinch passes along word that 212 E. 14th St. is now plywood free following its total gut renovation with one-floor extension these past two years.

Fits right in now along here just east of Third Avenue and adjacent to the newish Jefferson retail-residential complex.

The storefront was most recently the Super Saving Store, which closed in June 2011.

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Residential, retail and an additional floor for 212 E. 14th St.


Gojira said...

And yet another colorless, featureless, unexciting, bland, predictable, sterile, cookie cutter piece of excrescence, offering virtually nothing to delight the eye, befouls our poor neighborhood. What a paucity of imagination is on display in more and more of the city, as "architects" shoehorn ever more cookie-cutter ugliness into it. Builders of yore acknowledged the importance and interest of visual stimuli, meaning even small, humble buildings were adorned with carvings, differently-colored and/or patterned brick, ornate cornices, resulting in buildings that could actually be enjoyed and studied by passersby. Who actually believes the cheap, soul-deadening crap being vomited into every available space benefits the public in any way? I say put the plywood back up, on all of it.

Anonymous said...

Mid-town South style has taken root.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's bad, but could be much worse... Praise for small miracles?

Pinch said...

Gray is the new gray...everybody knows that!