Friday, October 7, 2016

That rather nondescript building on 12th Street houses an 'East Village beauty'

I've walked by the residential building at 407 E. 12th St. on my way to and from Academy Records between Avenue A and First Avenue so many times ... and I never thought much of it.

But apparently it's pretty nice on the inside, based on a new listing for this two-bedroom condo. Bond New York has the listing, which describes the home as an "East Village beauty":

Not–to-be-missed gorgeous two bedroom, two bath, condo beauty in the heart of the East Village. This home is a must-see embodying all that a hip, cool, understatedly elegant apartment has to offer, not to mention EXTREMELY LOW MONTHLY CHARGES!!

Leave the hustle bustle of the vibrant East Village behind as you enter this pin-drop quiet home. The unit boasts a comfortable and spacious living room with an open kitchen and gracious dining area perfect for entertaining or just cozy, quiet nights at home. The entire apartment is outfitted with remote controlled ceiling fans and air conditioners in every room for perfect room temperature preference.

The kitchen has been newly appointed with custom made touches that lend a homey country feel with built-in shelving for your favorite cookbooks and nick knacks. The butcher block counter is a wide planked, two toned, deconstructed Cherry wood kitchen island with extra deep, quiet-close drawers. A washer/dryer is included for convenience.

There's also shared space out back and on the roof...

Asking price: $1.75 million. There's an Open House Sunday from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Images via Bond New York


Anonymous said...

No bueno on the interiors. It's just so boxy and bland. (Also, all that money and you spend about $250 on your walk-in closet? Dude.) The exteriors are gorgeous, though. I mean the garden/patio, not the building exterior which is another pile of meh

Anonymous said...

"Pin drop quiet". There is no such thing in the EV. Home of the 50-60 per day EMS siren parade.

Gojira said...

If you are so hip and cool that you don't know how to spell knick-knacks, then please never darken my doorstep.

Anonymous said...

I lived a few doors down from this place, and yes, beyond the front door you are somehow no longer on 12th Street.
I couldn't afford it, and put up with 12th Street Reality for as long as sanity permitted.

Anonymous said...

2 baths? Not on that floorplan - it shows 1 bath & 1 powder room. 2nd bedroom minuscule. Also, "pleasant bucolic view"?? Very creative writing on the part of the listing broker.

Scuba Diva said...

This was the building where Jodie Lane resided before her electrocution accident, was it not?