Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Report: Jimmy McMillan announces his candidacy for City Council District 2

Jimmy McMillan, founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party who has run for a variety of offices, such as NYC mayor and New York State governor, is now turning his political attention to the local City Council race this year.

He is throwing his hat into the ring to replace City Councilmember Rosie Mendez, who is at her term limit.

The Observer has the story:

As a Republican, McMillan will face a steep uphill fight in the deep-blue district, which covers his home neighborhood of the East Village and the Lower East Side. Three Democrats are currently seeking the seat: Carlina Rivera, a local district leader and Mendez’s legislative director; community center director Jasmin Sanchez and attorney Mary Silver.

Here's a video interview with McMillan from yesterday...



Anonymous said...

This guy is all sizzle, no steak.

Anonymous said...

Comment after comment on this blog point out how our elected officials have failed us. How they have stood by and watched developers ravage our community, watched our daytime retail get driven out by bars, high-end restaurants and cocktail lounges, let residents go without gas for months and months and sat idly by as residents get forced from their homes. Well these very people are all endorsing Carlina Rivera, so that should tell you something about what to expect should you cast your ballot for her. More of the same innefectual leadership. All politics is local so having a smart, effective, independent City Council person is crucial. If you thought Rosie was bad, Carlina will be worse.

Anonymous said...

So I guess he didn't get evicted.

Zach said...

I would vote for him but I'm on the west side.