Thursday, June 9, 2022

Filming notices for 'Gossip Girl' outside Key Food; see you in the aisles xoxo

Crews for the HBO Max reboot of "Gossip Girl" will be in the neighborhood today (Thursday!) and tomorrow (uh, Friday!). 

EVG GG Watchers© have spotted filming notices on Fourth Street and along stretches of Avenue A.

Storylines for season 2 have been kept under wraps, so we might as well speculate what the young adults from Constance Billard-St. Jude's School are going to be doing.

The proximity of the notices to Key Food can only mean that the grocery will play a — pardon this — key role in a plot line, like (typing out loud here) that Zoya buys a "cake for any occasion" here as a makeup gift for the canceled Julien or Monet de Haan has a crisis of it-girl status while looking for the moved-several-times Skinny Pop. Or maybe the gang stops by for to-go sushi for lunch on the steps of the Met. (Yes, it's out of the way and not really very good, but through the magic of TVmaking, the Brooklyn Bridge seems like 4 blocks to Central Park.)

(As an aside: Given the no parking signs around Key, where are all the delivery trucks going to idle/double park over the next two days? On the lawn at Village View?)

Anyway, GG notices are also posted outside Katz's, which might mean a GG-corned beef combo is in our future... one can dream!
Season 2 reportedly started filming in February, with a shoot here on March 1. No word on a release date.

The East Village was a popular location during the run of the original CW series (2007-2012) ... like outside Doc Holliday's ... or inside Veselka.


Unknown said...

Based on the notices on my bock, the trucks wil be idling on E 2nd st between Ave A & 1st Ave. I am glad filming is back so stong in NYC but the idling Movie trucks are loud and annoying. My block being extra wide with angled parking makes it a favorite for the any filming nearby.

Anonymous said...

Ha!! Damn it where is that Skinny Pop…