Thursday, December 7, 2023

A sign of the Sunflower (and brunch) on 2nd Avenue

Renovations continue inside 88 Second Ave. at Fifth Street. 

As we've been reporting, this will be a second outpost of Sunflower, the cafe serving breakfast-brunch on Third Avenue between 24th Street and 25th Street.

There's some Sunflower neon signage up in the back and this very visible "You had me at... Brunch!" sign...
We didn't spot any signs reading "It's Brunch O'Clock" or "Go Ahead, Mimosa My Day!" or "What Happens at Brunch Stays at Brunch."

Sunflower is owned and operated by the same folks as the previous tenant here, Eros, the Greek restaurant
 that quietly closed in August 2022 when a "temporarily closed" sign arrived on the front door and stayed for 16 months. Eros took over for their diner concept, The Kitchen Sink, in September 2021

Thanks to Eden and Steven for sharing photos from here!


Neighbor said...

Sigh. Please just have a quality, typical diner spread too.

EastVillageCarnivore said...

It doesn't matter, dinners are completely unaffordable and a total rip off nowadays.
We always have B & H though.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the Sunflower menu and an omelette is $20. I will not be ordering delivery like I used to when it was Moonstruck, and I won’t be going here either — it seems to be meant for tourists.

Anonymous said...

Corny corny sign for corny douche types