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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

(Updated) Female cyclist dies after getting struck by bus on Delancey and Ludlow

Here's what ABC-7 is reporting now:

A woman riding a bicycle was struck by a school bus and died from her injuries on the Lower East Side Tuesday.

Authorities say the woman was hit by the bus, operated by Atlantic Express, just after 4 p.m. at the intersection of Delancey and Ludlow streets.

There were reportedly two children on board the bus at the time. Officials say neither was injured.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

BoweryBoogie has more.

NY1 has more horrific details.

A witness says the woman was riding her bicycle on Delancey when she hit a pothole and fell behind the bus, which then backed over her.

"She was just trying to get away from the school bus and the school bus just kept driving, and it was getting closer and closer to her. And everybody's screaming at him, 'There's somebody behind you!' And she was trying to avoid the pothole, but once she hit the pothole, that's when she fell over," said one witness.

Police say there is no criminality at this time.

According to StreetsBlog:

The intersection is just a few blocks away from the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge. Since 2008, volunteer group Adopt-a-Bike Lane has been advocating for a protected bike path on this stretch of Delancey. "This is tragic news -- no one should risk his or her life to get to and from the most popular bridge for biking in the country," said Adopt-a-Bike Lane coordinator Marin Tockman. "We can only hope that in the wake of such sad news that our city officials do something to improve this essential corridor."

BikeBlogNYC notes that this tragey occurred just two days after the fifth annual Memorial Ride throughout the city to remember those cuclists who were killed on the streets in 2009.

I'm not a seems like Delancey leading up to the Williamsburg Bridge is treacherous at best. Per Boomshanka at StreetsBlog:

delancey is a mess, and always extremely dangerous for bikers and pedestrians. i don't ever cross against the light, and sometimes don't even when i have a walk signal.

theres definitely been a policy decision made that moving traffic on and off the bridge gets priority over safety. even tonight traffic police were waving cars through reds in front of me as i was crossing the street with a walk signal.

the only traffic enforcement i routinely see is a block-the-box ticket trap on orchard and delancey, taking advantage of the poorly timed traffic lights at allen. not only is this unfair to drivers (i can see that and i don't drive) but it makes the orchard/delancey intersection extremely dangerous for pedestrians.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Posts that I should probably never post, but a summer Friday afternoon seems like a good time to discuss such important things

What, exactly are Fresh Apple Fries? I'm not up on these things. Fried apple slices? Is something fried still considered fresh? And why does the one Brother Jonas boy have the Burger King logo over his crotch?

Oh, spotted at the Burger King on Delancey.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The corner of Delancey and Attorney is ready for development

Last September, we did a post titled The last frontier on the LES? In which we wondered how long before Attorney Street would see more development.

Maybe not much longer. As Patrick Hedlund reports in this week's issue of The Villager:

A prime corner property on the Lower East Side with residential development capabilities of nearly 20,000 square feet has hit the market with an asking price of $3.2 million.

The site, at 178 Delancey St. at the corner of Attorney St. near the Williamsburg Bridge entrance, allows for 13,500 square feet of development under the area’s new R8-A zoning designation.

Massey Knakal Realty Services has been retained to sell the 25-foot-by-100-foot site, which currently houses a vacant one-story structure.

With a voluntary inclusionary-housing bonus, which requires 20 percent of a planned project to be allocated to affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families, the residential floor-to-area ratio could allow for up to 18,000 buildable square feet. With a community facility, the F.A.R. would allow for 16,250 buildable square feet.

Here's the corner for sale:

A commenter wrote the following on my post from last September:

i live on this block, and it's a nightmare. despite the downside of developments "taking away from the LES" i gladly welcome them to come into this street and build. it's better than what's currently there.

due to the traffic patter of attorney street (one way, dead end street, that's hard to get to) it welcomes petty crime from car break-ins, to building vandalism, and dumping in that abandoned lot.

nobody cares about the street, as evident by the torches motorcycles, piles of dog shit, and broken car glass littered throughout the sidewalk.

there have been two fires set in that abandoned lot in the past month. if that's not dangerous enough, the twisted scrap metal that hangs off the boarded-up entrance will surely put your eye out. Conveniently, this all occurs within 20 feet of an elementary school.

I have called 311, the police, and the department of sanitation over a dozen times, and nothing seems to get done. I would gladly welcome developers coming down and cleaning up that street - certainly the city is in no rush to do it.

Clinton Papaya gutted (BoweryBoogie)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The signs at the Olympic Restaurant

Truth is, I saw the telltale neon signs appear on the windows a few weeks back at what is arguably my favortite restaurant around, the Olympic at Delancey and Essex on the LES. I didn't have the nerve to take an upclose look.

I always figured this corner was doomed in the new Blue LES... so, farewell to the Jade Fountain, which has been around since 1920...

...and the Olympic. With its little lunch counter and surprisingly comfortable stools.

Well, I finally decided to check it out this past week. Read the "Closing. Thank you to our customers" sign upclose. And what did I find on that orange sign?

News of expanded hours! Now open 24 hours Thursday through Saturday!

Heh. Well. Serves me right, Mr. Doomsday. So I went in and had the eggs, bacon, toast, home fries, juice and coffee -- $6 as always.

Per usual, the EMT guys were there. They sit down to eat inside the Olympic, but always get the food served in to-go containers -- in case they get a call during their meal. Never have seen that happen since I've been going there. (I figure the first time I need a paramedic -- perhaps from eating so many eggs-and-bacon meals from the Olympic -- the EMTs will arrive with food from the Olympic...)

Maybe another day I'll write more about the Olympic. Meanwhile, if you do go, check out the restrooms up the stairs in the back....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If you stare at Blue long enough, it begins to lean

Plus, I didn't realize Blue — at 105 Norfolk on the LES — left space for retail.

Lastly! I did a Google search to double-check Blue's address. Hmmm..."This site may harm your computer." The url or 105 Norfolk?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Delancey update (with special appearances by Jesus and Bloomy, or at least someone named Mike)

Back in August, BoweryBoogie broke the news that hotelier Sam Chang bought the parcel of buildings at 148-154 Delancey for $15.75 million. (Finally, the hotel this area so desperately needs!)

Haven't been down this stretch for a few months...So I was expecting the looks exactly like it did last summer...Which isn't great, but....

For how long, though...Meanwhile! Bloomy, we assume....?

And directly across the street...