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Monday, October 31, 2022

Key Food is back to 24/7

Photos by Stacie Joy

For the first time since March 2020, Key Food is open once again 24/7 at the grocery on Avenue A and Fourth Street.

The new hours went into effect yesterday...
During the worst days of the pandemic in 2020, the store reduced its hours... and later kept a modified schedule due to challenges in hiring enough employees to fill the shifts ... as well as security (shoplifting) issues. 

No word yet on what to expect from the overnight playlist. 

Monday, October 17, 2022


The sign for Hairy Balls for sale ($12 a bunch) outside Key Food is apparently causing a few double takes here on Avenue A. (Thanks to Sarah Keyes for sharing the photo!

Apparently not the work of a prankster. 

Gomphocarpus physocarpus, commonly known as hairy balls, balloonplant, balloon cotton-bush, bishop's balls, nailhead, or swan plant, is a species of dogbane. The plant is native to southeast Africa, but it has been widely naturalized. It is often used as an ornamental plant. 

And there really isn't enough room on that sign to spell out gomphocarpus physocarpus.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Reminders: It's weekend No. 2 of Keyapalooza

A reminder that needs no, uh, reminding. We're at the start of the second weekend-long grand reopening ("RE-GRAND Opening" on some signage) at Key Food on Avenue A and Fourth Street.

As previously reported, the grocery has completed a near-year-long interior renovation, including an expanded produce section plus new lights, floors, and freezers — and thankfully, the same shopping soundtrack heavy on fringe-y late 1980s alternative hits ... as well as some other chestnuts.

On that note, here's an EVG Key Food playlist for Keychella... based on songs we've actually heard while in Key through the more-recent years...

Otherwise, over the next three days, there'll be some giveaways, samples, and savings if you spend a certain amount of money. (Loyalty Club Card required!) The raffle drawing is today, so get your raffle ticket in TODAY. 

Check out scenes from Day 1 here.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Highlights from Day 1 of Keyapalooza

Photos by Stacie Joy 

Yesterday marked the first day of Key Food's celebration of the renovated grocery on Avenue A and Fourth Street.

EVG contributor Stacie Joy stopped by for a look at the festivities, which included a variety of samples and giveaways...
Rocco Mileo, director of operations for Key Food parent company MAN-Dell Food Stores, Inc., was also here for the occasion. He said that if the community has a need that is not met by the store, to let management know ...
The grand reopening (it was never closed, as we've pointed out) activities continue today and tomorrow... as well as Sept. 9-11.

Friday, September 2, 2022

The 6-day-long Key Food grand reopening begins TODAY

Photos by Stacie Joy 

The flags are flying. The bunting is in place. Today is Day 1 of the six-day, two-weekend-long grand reopening ("RE-GRAND Opening" on some signage) at Key Food on Avenue A and Fourth Street. 

The six dates: Sept. 2-4 and Sept. 9-11.

As previously reported, the grocery has completed a near-year-long interior renovation, which included new lighting, flooring and freezer(ing). There is also the expanded produce department, which looks sharp ... all alongside Key faves, like the "cakes for any occasion" cakes. 

(And not to dampen the celebratory mood, but Key was never actually closed during the renovations.)

Anyway! There will be raffles, giveaways, and some savings if you spend a certain amount (Loyalty Club Card required!)
... and a closer look...
It may be best to buy the six-day pass for the whole Keychella experience. The pass allows access to the venue, day parking lots, and VIP areas, which offer specialty food & drink vendors, air-conditioned restrooms, shaded seating areas and full cash bars*.

If you attend the fall event of the fall, be sure to tag us in your social posts #Keyapalooza.

*Oops. This is actually info for Coachella 2023.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Keyapalooza! Key Food is hosting a 6-day 'RE-GRAND Opening' next month

Photo by Stacie Joy

After nearly a year of renovations and some changes, some subtle (the non-dairy milk brands moved across aisle 2) and not-so-subtle (we still can't find the bacon), Key Food is hosting a "RE-GRAND Opening" during the first two weekends of September. 

That's six days to celebrate Keychella and the upgrades (we haven't even posted about the new lights, which are pleasantly soft and don't cause seizures, as far as we know). 

At this moment, we don't know what to expect over these six days other than to celebrate our appreciation of the grocery on Avenue A and Fourth Street. 

We will see you there for all six days of this Keyapalooza. 


Yes, we have never heard of a "RE-GRAND Opening" and don't know if this is some kind of transpose glitch. (If so, collector's item!)


Key was never actually closed during any of the renovations, other than shaving a few hours off the open and close times. We love you Key.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday's parting shot(s)

Photos by Stacie Joy 

We're just admiring the newly painted and looking fine and fresh checkouts at Key Food on Avenue A and Fourth Street... still, the checkouts are on the list to be replaced in the ongoing Key renovation period ...

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Key Food is closing an hour earlier now 'due to renovations'

Photo by Stacie Joy 

The renovating continues at Key Food here on Avenue A and Fourth Street... this means, per the unproofed signage on the door, that the grocery will be closing now at 11 p.m. to accommodate the renovations. 

As previously reported, nothing is off the table during this reorg. As we've seen, the frozen foods section relocated from aisle 1 to 6 ... while the produce was revamped and expanded, just for starters. And we still can't find the Saltines.

There was talk of widening the aisles (do they already look a little wider?) ... but we don't for sure what they'll be doing with that extra hour of closing time. 

To be continued...

Updated 7/28

Key will be back to the midnight close tomorrow night (Friday!)

Saturday, June 4, 2022

So many kh-kh-kh-kh-khanges at Key Food

A quick weekend update (has that name been taken?). 

Thank you to everyone who has shared photos and reports in recent days from our home-away-from-home, Key Food. 

As we've been noting, a major aisle reorg is underway here on Avenue A and Fourth Street. The frozen foods section is heading from aisle 1 to 6. The produce area will be revamped and expanded. 

That's just for beginners. EVG correspondent Stacie Joy has been on it... and a report is forthcoming. 

Until then, enjoy these two photos courtesy of Maggie Ruggiero ...
...  and William Klayer...
... and the personal collection of EVG (on loan) ...
... the 400 cases of Skinny Pop are safe...
... to be continued...

Friday, May 20, 2022

Your chance to make your home feel a little like Key Food on Avenue A

Photos and reporting by Stacie Joy 

We're doing our best to keep up with the changes occurring at Key Food on Avenue A and Fourth Street. 


The latest. 

According to Key sources, the new freezers will be in the second week of June. The [rather random] tables, previously found in the produce aisle (above), are out to make room for the new produce section forthcoming. 

They are now outside the supermarket by the can recycling center on the Fourth Street side. #Breaking
Meanwhile. There will be an expanded fruits and veggie section plus a vegan line! 

And where the beer cooler is now will be the ice cream section.

To be continued...

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Bringing home the bacon from Key Food? Here's where to find it now; milk too

Photos and reporting by Stacie Joy 

Major changes continue on the shelves of Key Food on Avenue A at Fourth Street. (As first noted here. And here. And sorta here.)

Reports are coming in far and wide — from aisles 1 to 6 — and, quite frankly, this reporter is having difficulties keeping up with the speed of change in shelving moves this past week. 

Let's start with a big one. 


Shunted to the very back of the store, hidden, facing the end bank of freezers where the frozen fish used to be. (Now empty.) Frozen veggie freezers are also now empty. 

Observation: "Our bacon section was relocated" — as if it had no choice.
The wholesale changes don't end with the bacon. 

Juices missing? 

Nope, they are now where the milk used to be.

And where for art thou (dairy) milks? With yogurts, where the fish freezers used to be in the very far back of the store. Plus, freezers that were empty now are hosting fruits that used to be in the first aisle near the produce.
We don't know what's next here. Swear to God.

Friday, April 22, 2022

The cowboy way at Key Food

A video of surveillance footage had been making the rounds on Reddit titled "Trying to shoplift when the owner is there get's you instant karma." (Update: The video has been removed. And thanks to the EVG readers who shared the link in recent weeks.)

In the 25-second clip dated from March 24 at 7:26 a.m., a man wearing a cowboy hat and a hoodie reading "Players only love you when they're playing" is seen grabbing a man trying to leave Key Food on Avenue A and Fourth Street without (presumably) paying for several 6-packs of White Claw.
The cowboy grabs the would-be thief and slams him against the exit wall... the man drops the White Claw in the process... and the cowboy chases him away ... and the cowboy impressively never loses his hat in the process...
Key sources tell us that the man regularly (and allegedly) shoplifts White Claw and other items and is well-known to employees. (Earlier this year EVG contributor Stacie Joy witnessed a man walk out of the store with the hard seltzer ... and employees didn't attempt to stop him. It's not clear if the person in the video is the same person Stacie saw.)

There was speculation about the identity of the White Claw Vigilante. Web sleuths are curious about who uploaded the video to Reddit — and why. To send a message to any future Key Food shoplifters? A Reddit user named "scottonaharley" is listed as the uploader.

A Key source said the video surveillance system is in a manager's office, which is locked downstairs; few people have access to this space.

We're told the man in the hat is Scott Schubert, who has a management role within the Key Food family. He happened to be at the supermarket on this day. Schubert saw the White Claw thief shoving longtime employee Utpola as he headed for the exit.

Stacie reached out to Schubert as well as Ben Mandel at Key Food parent company MAN-Dell Food Stores, Inc. for comment. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Countdown to St. Patrick's Day at Key Food

Photos by Stacie Joy 

St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching (Thursday!) ... and Key Food has you covered with not one but two displays here on Avenue A at Fourth Street. 

As you enter the grocery — by the deli, sushi and cakes for any occasion — you have your Irish soda bread, Hot Cross Buns, etc.
And in the back... at the start of aisle 6... you have Guinness, more soda bread, cabbage, corned beef and Kerrygold butter. Not to mention pierogis and quiche (a new tradition courtesy of Key?) ...