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Monday, May 14, 2018

Santatorum has not been open lately on Avenue C

Several residents who live near Santatorum, the hospital-themed cocktail lounge on Avenue C at Second Street, report that the bar has been dark of late. (One reader put the closure timeline at several weeks.)

The website is still active, though the bar's phone is not in service. The doors were also locked during their posted business hours this past weekend.

This creation of mixologist Albert Trummer opened in April 2016. The hospital theme drew media attention with the cocktails prepared on operating-room trays, while shots were served in syringes. (When the bar first opened, entrance was said to be by appointment only.)

We reached out to Trummer via the email address posted on the Santatorum website. Will update when/if we hear back. Trummer most recently brought his theatrical cocktails to the revamped Bar Freud on La Guardia Place.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Albert Trummer's hospital-themed cocktail lounge Sanatorium now open on Avenue C

The cocktail lounge opened this past weekend on the northeast corner of Avenue C and Second Street.

In a preview of mixologist Albert Trummer's latest establishment, The New York Times notes Sanatorium's clinical theme.

The walls are the kind of green you’d expect in a hospital; there are surgical lights (and crystal chandeliers) and lots of stainless steel, and the drinks incorporate herbal elixirs that Mr. Trummer concocts.

And as Eater noted, "shots are also served in syringes."

Last July, Trummer told Bedford + Bowery that the new place will be "reasonable and cool for the neighborhood." Trummer also told B+B that he "won’t set any drinks, or his bar, on fire with again. At least, not without the proper permits."

According to published reports, FDNY investigators arrested Trummer in 2010 after setting alcohol aflame on the bartop at Apothéke on Doyers Street. He was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance, both misdemeanors. After the arrest, he told the Times: "My intention was not to hurt anybody. I'm an artist. I'm a mixologoist. I'm a cook. But I'm not a pyrotechnic maniac." He reportedly pleaded not guilty and served two days of community service.

A photo on Sanatorium's Facebook page does show some pyrotechnics... (though it's unclear if this is actually at Sanatorium...)

14 Avenue C was previously home to Adinah's Farm, the market that closed in June 2014.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

On the corners of Avenue C: Albert Trummer's incoming Sanatorium; a closed pizzeria

Yesterday, we reported that the demo orders are now in to take down the Mobil station on Avenue C and East Second Street/East Houston to make way for a 10-story residential building.

This prompted several readers to note the changes on other nearby corners of Avenue C.

So let's start with the northeast corner of Avenue C and Second Street... as reported last summer, mixologist Albert Trummer is opening a cocktail bar in the space that last housed Adinah's Farm...

[Photo from Wednesday]

[Photo from March 26]

The space is called Sanatorium ... no word on an official opening date just yet... (their Instagram account said February...)


Meanwhile, Majesty Pizza and Grill on the southwest corner of Avenue C and Third Street closed back in January... eviction notice followed in early February...

An EVG reader who lives nearby notes the pizzeria started selling fresh fruits and vegetables at the end of the year... to give people who didn't want pizza a reason to stop by... apparently they didn't.


And across Avenue C... the corner buildings remain abandoned...

There has been a full vacate order on 32 Avenue C at the corner since August 2012. There's nothing on file with the DOB to suggestion anything happening here any time soon.