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Monday, November 19, 2018

What lies beneath 9th Street and 3rd Avenue?

An EVG reader shared these photos of some type of underground brick vaults that a construction crew unearthed earlier today while doing road work... taken on the northeast corner of Ninth Street and Third Avenue.

Per the reader: "Would imagine they have something to do with structures originally along Stuyvesant Street, which means they could be very old. Not an expert on dating cellar construction."

EVG Underground Brick Vault correspondent Steven took these pics...

Perhaps we can find out what this was part of... maybe something to do with the elevated train that ran north-south along Third Avenue ... or the trolley system near here.

Anyway! Here are some photos of the area via the NYPL Digital Collections ... this is described as "Third Avenue, looking North from the 9th Street station of the Third Avenue L" from October 1927...

... a similar view, but from 1880 (and an early Instagram daredevil on the tracks)...

... and "27-29 Third Avenue, at and adjoining the S.E. corner of Stuyvesant Street. May 18, 1934." (Basically where the Bean is today...)

Updated 11/20
See the comments for more possible explanations of what these bricks might be part of... ———>

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