Monday, July 9, 2012

'Endless Brunch' will live on when the Sunburnt Cow reopens

On Thursday, we passed along the news release stating that The Sunburnt Cow on Avenue C will temporarily close and "not only undergo a physical transformation, but ... also shift focus to more gourmet oriented food and drink as opposed to its current deal-driven status."

Given the end of its "deal-driven status," we assumed that also meant the end of the drunken brunch deal, featuring "all you can drink" uh, drinks... and hordes of woo-wooers weekend afternoons...

Not so!

Per a Sunburnt Cow rep: "The Cow plans to continue the weekend 'Endless Brunch' when it reopens."

Our apologies to the temporarily crestfallen Endless Brunch crowd.

Per the Cow's Facebook page, they will remain open through August ... before the renovations begin.


Anonymous said...

And the (cow)shit show continues....
At least now we know for sure that "gourmet australian food" is beer served in plastic cups with supermarket fare cooked on a griddle or deep fried.

I-will-have-another-bath-salt-please said...

Thats "funny", all of these places offering unlimited drinks (and "5 shots of anything for $10" -- Continental, I'm looking at you) are in violation of the New York State Liquor Authority's Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Law, Section 117-a.

But nobody (i.e., SLA) enforces it, so it's all good.

Too-much-bath-salt said...

That SLA link didn't get posted properly, I'm trying again now:

NYS Liquor Authority on Unlimited Drink Specials

Crazy Eddie said...

This bar barf advertisement is a true desecration of the ad campaign for the classic surfer film, "The Endless Summer”. And @bath-salt is correct, the NYS SLA is totally corrupt.