Tuesday, July 3, 2012

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition

[MTA testing new seat cushions for the L]

Recreating CBGB in Georgia (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York ... Gothamist)

When “I Wanna Be Sedated” becomes Muzak for the consuming masses (The Durango Herald)

25-story hotel in the works for Chrystie Street (BoweryBoogie)

Avoiding chains on the LES (The Lo-Down)

More about Schmidty's return (DNAinfo)

Movie Star News closing in Chelsea (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

Looking at the Terminal Stores building (The Gog Log)

NYC skyline shots that may make you dizzy (Curbed)

Bloomberg presides over the ceremonial weigh-in for Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest (Runnin' Scared)

Sunday Evening on the Coney Island boardwalk (Tripping With Marty)

And as we noted via Twitter Saturday, the Stage is on vacation until July 10...

... and EVG reader Sammy noted some minor work going on at the diner this morning ...

...and we're not sure if this wrong-bike-locked issue has been resolved at Third Street and Avenue A... photos via Dave on 7th...


Anonymous said...

Last year someone locked his bike to mine. I went psycho. I dismantled the bike, removing most of the hardware, snipped the spokes, deflated the tires and then bent the wheels in half. Managed to pull all the fragments through the big triangle of my own frame. Somehow it worked and I even got to work on time. Not one of my finer moments and looking down at the remains of the other bike I felt a little sorry for being so rash. Living here brings out the bad in me.

Anonymous said...

This happened to me, and they ended up stealing my bike. The cops said if this ever happens to call them, and they'll come and cut the lock. Good luck.

nygrump said...

Seems we tax payers are subsidizing NYU. Its not enough they register their buses iN New Jersey, but we pay to pick up their garbage?