Friday, July 13, 2012

Harley Flanagan on the Cro-Mags melee at Webster Hall

By now you probably know about the Cro-Mags melee last Friday night at Webster Hall... the NYPD arrested founding member Harley Flanagan and reportedly charged him with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

New York Natives has the first interview with Flanagan, and his account of the evening is in contrast to what has been previously reported... to an excerpt:

According to Harley, he was invited to the dressing room back stage and instead of being welcomed as he expected he was jumped by a group of men. "When I saw that door get pulled shut I was literally fighting for my life. I was afraid these guys were going to kick me half to death, roll me down the back steps and that no one would see it... and there would be no witnesses and that would be that....and all I could think about was getting home safe to my kids...I wanted to save my life, to protect myself and these guys were trying to do me in."

[Image via New York Natives]

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Anonymous said...

It was a coincidence he had a knife on him? BS!