Monday, July 16, 2012

Late summer opening date now for Union Market

We continue to watch the northeast corner of Avenue A and East Houston... where workers have been renovating/rehabbing the space for a new Union Market. Various construction issues have delayed the opening, once set for last fall.

Here's the latest, via an email sent to residents of 240 E. Houston:

The contractors for Union Market have nearly completed their foundation work and are moving quickly forward to build out their interior space. The store's exterior work is scheduled to commence in the next week and the UM owners will be installing new brick, full-height glass panels, and a clean, continuous signature awning that should give our Building a much improved look!

In addition, unlike the previous Commercial tenants, the UM contractors will be weatherproofing all seams, to minimize the street-level erosion that occurred in the past. This Board is partnering with UM to make certain the 240 east Houston entrance to our residences is clearly delineated.

The current goal is for a Grand Opening in late August or early September.

We understand the East Village storefront will look similar to the Seventh Avenue location in Park Slope...

[Via the Union Market website]

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glamma said...

I don;t like the upscale look for Avenue A for godssake. Can't they do something a little more... Homey?

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Forward fashionist-as and -os love retro stuff, like Pabst beer. I predict the next big thing will be A&P or maybe King Cullen.

BagelGuy said...

That opening is not happening on time ! No way . I learned that the hard way myself. If they just finished the foundation work, you're looking at next spring at best.

Anonymous said...

What "upscale look"?
All I see is an open back group toilet, so the homeless can sit down while taking a crap. (?)
Is it that fancy authentic glass windows stuff?
the recycling bin?

Anonymous said...


EV Grieve said...

@ anon 12:03

Thanks for the tip... where did you hear this date...?