Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'One Last Dance' tonight at the Bowery Poetry Club

As we've been noting, the 10-year-old Bowery Poetry Club will be closing for renovations... and tonight is the last night in the Club's current state... "There will be a better mix of food and art," founder Bob Holman said to DNAinfo's Serena Solomon, who first reported the July 17 closing.

The Club is expecting to undergo renovations for several months in advance of a relaunch that will put a stronger emphasis on food. (Here's what Bob Holman told us about the plans on July 6.)

Meanwhile, here is closing-night info via Facebook...

Everything Is Subject To Change — One Last Dance At The Bowery Poetry Club

8 pm
Join us as we gather to kiss the stage at Bowery Poetry Club for the last time before it closes and goes the way of the new Bowery.

Performances by:
Eliel Lucero
Leticia Viloria
A Brief View of the Hudson
Mr Symphonics Shawn Randall
Grace Kalambay
Sean T. Hanratty and the Mighty Mighty
Rev. Jen Miller
Robert Prichard
Jessica Delfino
Diane O'Debra
Freestyle Pyramid w/ Rabbi Darkside, Hired Gun, and 4th Friday Fam!
Shappy Seasholtz live from Austin, TX!
and many more surprises!!!

Here are a few thoughts on the closing via Deanna Zandt's Extra Helping tumblr (she ran the Club's outreach and administration):

A huge portion of the BPC community is devastated by this news, understandably. Bowery is one of the last safe havens in New York for transgressive artists, poets and musicians to work out and celebrate their creations. It's one of the only places that you can walk into on any given night and run into one of your heroes accidentally.


Here's hoping both the Club's rebirth brings along lots of the history of this magical space, and that a new space welcoming the bleeding, racous edge of culture can still be born in the the five boroughs.

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Proceed with caution and godsspeed be with you good people.