Saturday, July 14, 2012

Report: Former Internet millionaire part of 9th Precinct gun heist story

The story of the officer who allegedly stole guns from a locker room at the 9th Precinct on East Fifth Street is getting really, well, fucked up, for lack of a better description on a Saturday morning.

According to published reports, the officer, Nicholas Mina, is addicted to prescription painkillers. He reportedly stole the weapons to pay a drug debt to a Queens drug and gun dealer, prosecutors said yesterday.

Police also arrested Ivan Chavez, described by Assistant District Attorney Chris Prevost as "a prolific and daily drug dealer" of heroin, oxycodone and other prescription drugs, as the Post reported.

That's one part of the story. Also involved in all this is Jennifer Sultan, who along with her boyfriend Adam Cohen, sold their Web streaming-media company Live On Line for a reported $70 million in 2000.

The couple is now penniless, living in a 10-room penthouse with a private elevator on East 17th Street. They have filed for Chapter 11, per the Post.

However, the NYPD also arrested Sultan for, as prosecutors said, pulling "large-scale drug deals" with Chavez in Queens. From the Post: "Prosecutors said cops found at least 60,000 pain pills that Sultan had sold in Chavez's Woodhaven apartment when they raided it on Thursday."

You can read the rest of the Post article here ... and the piece from the Times is here.

Meanwhile, I'll await the piece in Vanity Fair this fall about how this $70 million Internet couple lost it all.

An article on the upcoming summer in the Hamptons from May 2000 in the Observer noted that Cohen and Sultan rented a $400,000 house in Quogue with 11 bedrooms. They also had a pool installed for $35,000. Said the broker about the couple: "There are people who just don't know what to do with [their money]."


BabyDave said...

Penniless in a 10-room Chelsea penthouse?

Anonymous said...

"Large-scale drug dealer" filing bankruptcy? You're doing it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Where are people getting all these pain pills? I can't even get a prescription for tylenol with codeine unless I lose a limb!