Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Report: M9 service will be restored, expanded

[Avenue B, June 2010]

The Daily News is reporting that the M9 service will be restored and expanded starting in January ... this coming from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver... and all thanks to the MTA's improved budgetary outlook ...

The MTA slashed the M9 service back in the summer of 2010. The M9 previously traveled from Union Square, east along East 14th Street, down Avenue B, then Houston, Essex, blah, blah, before ending up in Battery Park City.

Then came the eliminated lines and rerouting and lord knows where the M9 starts now (23rd Street?) ... but it eventually travels south down Avenue C, across Houston, down Essex ... before dumping everyone off at City Hall. (Hello Mr. Mayor!)

The article doesn't mention which part of the M9 service the MTA will restore... and what this really means for East Village residents who use the bus...

Meanwhile, there's also no word on whether Silver will restore service to the Rusty Knot Party Bus.

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Anonymous said...

Now, if they would just restore M8 or M21 bus service on weekends, I would be a very happy person. It sucks to be dependent only on the M14 for any kind of west side weekend diversion.

Renwick said...

Agreed. For shopping crosstown on weekends, or doctor appointments, or anything else, we're completely screwed. Even just on Saturday would be a big help. The MTA put back the 49/50th weekend crosstown service after complaints: according to statistics, our ZIP codes are just as wealthy, so if money is the issue, why shouldn't we have our weekend service restored too? Buggers.