Thursday, March 4, 2010

East Villagers face busageddon

As you know, the MTA is like $400 quintillion over budget. And to shore up those budget gaps, the MTA will threaten propose to cut pretty much everything. Tonight at 6 you'll have the chance to let the MTA hear it during a meeting at the Fashion Institute of Technology (Seventh Avenue and 27th Street).

The Lo-Down made note of how these cuts will have an impact on everyone who depends on a bus in the East Village/Lower East Side ... CB3 passed a resolution last week strongly opposing these cuts. Specifically, here's how you might be left stranded, as reported by the Lo-Down:

-- The elimination of weekend and overnight service on the M22, a critical link into Chinatown.
-- The elimination of weekend and overnight service on the M8, which travels to and from the East Village and West Village.
-- The elimination of bus service on Avenue B by rerouting the M9 along Avenue C. Service from the LES to the World Financial Center would also be eliminated by rerouting the M9 beyond Chatham Square, terminating at City Hall.
-- The elimination of weekend service and the reduction of overnight service on the M21 (crosstown bus between Bellevue Hospital & the West Village).
-- The reduction of service on the M103 (to City Hall).

So that pretty much leaves... not much in the way of buses. Meanwhile, no word on any service disruption on the Rusty Knot Party Bus.


RatherBeBiking said...

Disappointing, but at least we don't stand to lose the M8 all together (yet).

Anonymous said...

i would welcome the M9 to Ave C with open arms!