Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A summer rental on East 12th Street

If you're looking for a summer getaway, then consider this furnished townhouse at 215 E. 12th. St.

According to the listing:

Stately 1850's four-story mansion width (25') townhouse with oversized garden on tree lined street, available fully furnished. This 5,000 square foot home on a beautiful tree lined street is in the heart of the East Village, and offers incredibly high ceilings and grand proportions.

The private gated street level entrance leads to the foyer and an ornate staircase that winds up the four floors, capped by a beautiful skylight.

The dramatic parlour floor features intricate moldings and woodwork, wood herringbone floors, 14 foot ceilings and two working wood burning fireplaces. Huge oversize windows flood the "ballroom" with southern light. The state of the art eat-in windowed kitchen has marble floors, pressed tin ceilings, a professional six burner gas range and Sub-Zero refrigerator.

The third floor is equally dramatic with 12 foot ceilings. The master bedroom with separate dressing area , office and en-suite bath is bathed in light from 3 south facing windows. A children's room with loft has garden views, and there is an art studio with two exposures.

It's all yours from June 15 to Aug. 16. The price: $25,000 per month. Better hurry! The price increased $5k two weeks ago...

Update: Thanks to EV Grieve reader C. Bee in the comments... she remembered that the home was featured in the Times in 2008.... according to the article, Pamela Bell, one of the four original partners in the Kate Spade brand, lives here with her family....


Anonymous said...

Wow. I knew it was single-family, but I didn't know it was like that.

Late last year I saw sign posted on the neighbor's door asking them to return a remote-control helicopter that had gotten away from them in the backyard. I thought it was kind of strange. Now I understand.

esquared™ said...

i guess ev is the new hamptons.

i believe this is where the self-entitlement comes from, from those who would rent this (and other lux or high rent apts./condos like this) in the ev.

if one is paying that much money, then they feel like the are entitled to do whatever they want to do in the neighborhood, esp. for that short of time, since they'll be leaving in three months anyway. and this is what we've been up in arms about, they treat the neighborhood as their own personal playground, being loud and obnoxious sans regards to the long-time residents.

anyhoo, what happens after aug. 16, will it then turn into an nyu dorm?

C. Bee said...

I recognized the sofas!

This house was featured in the New York Times:


EV Grieve said...

Nice detective work, C. Bee!

Anonymous said...

Actually, people who would pay $25,000 per month for digs like this tend NOT to spend much time making noise and commotion on the street. In fact these folks are most likely the anti-Hamptonites who are attracted to the E.Village because of its, (fair or not) reputation as a haven from the rest of the yuppieverse. Reactionary slander based solely on economics is just as absurd as any other prejudice.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Wow, knock off a couple of zeros and I'm there. I'll have y'all over for a back yard noodle-fry and beer pong.

VH McKenzie said...

If you can afford to OWN a place like this, do you really need to sublet it for a few weeks over the summer?

Are times so tough for the Kate Spade brand?

Maybe you should just stay home and take your kids to the sprinkler park or the "polio pool" in TSP.


esquared™ said...

to anon. 4:14pm
sure they don't. they don't make too much noise while they're inside the apt. but but once they're outside they do. how is the ev a haven for the yuppieverse when the the ev had been yuppified? i'm allowed to react to the actions of the yuppies whose actions would be otherwise be not offensive based on their economic status. i guess everything is slander nowadays if a comment is against the yuppies. another example of self-entitlement.