Sunday, March 21, 2010

26 years later, it's apparently cool to like Huey Lewis and the News

Trends piece in the Post!

On a night in the East Village last month, the near-empty burger joint Black Iron was gearing up for the dinner rush. “You know,” a bearded bartender remarked to his fellow servers, “I need to start the night properly.”

He cut the music and cued up a new album: “Huey Lewis & The News: Greatest Hits.” Excitement rippled through the room. There was even some whooping. For the next half hour, all conversation revolved around Huey’s guitar prowess. Apparently, it’s very hip to be square right now.

In fact, this spring, the cheesy ’80s are back in full force, with power ballads, film remakes and pink lipstick leading the way.

[Rolling Stone cover via Rolling Stone]


Alex in NYC said...

Not to be all pedantic-like, but Huey never played guitar.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Gah, it's taken about 20 years to get those damn songs out of my head. Thanks. Thanks a lot...

EV Grieve said...

You know, Huey was pretty good in Altman's Short Cuts.

And, to make us feel old, he turns 60 this year.