Friday, March 19, 2010

Best sidewalk cafe from which to start your own restaurant

As we exclusively reported, it will be sunny and warmish-for-March out today and tomorrow. Which means many people will be taking to sidewalk cafes for eats and drinks and stuff. And there are many fine sidewalk cafes hereabouts ... and many of them make it awfully easy to borrow something from a table while walking if management thinks they're operating somewhere other than a huge city....

To our continued amazement, nothing beats Gemma at the Bowery Hotel for pure potential lawlessness... Management really makes it tempting to borrow a table setting or two... At certain parts of the day, things are left unattended...

We've walked by so many times that, by now, we could have enough stuff to open our own restaurant... (patrons not included)

And we'll be charging $32 for the scrambled eggs. Not that we approve of serving $32 eggs ... or borrowing stuff from restaurants -- best to leave the stuff alone.

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Bowery Boogie said...

when do you open, i'm starving. and how much for the bloody?

esquared™ said...

hey, this post got mentioned in <a href='">city room</a>. they are now quoting you. and the blogosphere has now come full circle. congrats. maybe nyt should take you out for $32 scrambled eggs.

Sleep New York said...

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